Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Felt Market Bag

The day started out with this...a blank canvas...perfect white simplicity.....ready for some colour play...Two layers of blue faced leicester, then two layers of Finn...BFL on the inside for a soft hand as you reach in and Finn on the outside for more durability. The finished texture is very inside pocket, metal rings felted directly onto the bag, and some ties for closure, also part of the one integral whole....I love this... that the structure is complete at the end of the felting....

Then I hit the dyepots...It was a good dyeing day....three separate immersion dips, creating bold patterns with subtle shifts....Mmmmmm....

  And then the simple...some running stitch and french knots...hard to do because I cut off the tip of my thumb last weekend.....A thumb is pretty important to french knot making...I must be more careful when cooking when hungry! I have a lot more french knots in my future!  Warm and delectable....a little bit Autumnal....a departure in colors for me...and such a welcome change...inspired by a commission for a customer in is good to stretch...
  Warm wishes,


  1. Fiona--This design is stellar!! I love the way that a singular design can be transformed with color and embellishment...and this purse rises to the rank of 'couture' with your lovely strap and metal fittings. What fun it is to perfect a design and then customize to your heart's content!
    Wait until you see the 'themed' journal cover that I just made for myself. Quite silly and marvelous! :) Love-

  2. Hi Heather! Thank you so much! I was thinking of you as I was dyeing- I think these are your colours?! Coming over to visit you and see your journal! xo Fiona