Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspired by Joomchi

  I recently came across two books...images on the covers that stopped my steps and set my heart beating a little faster....
Yesterday's studio inspiration came from Joomchi and Beyond by Jiyoung Chung.

 It is an enticing craft form....similar to felting, but also different.   I love finding a medium new to me, and letting the inspiration trickle into my own work....sometimes it happens...sometimes it's time is not yet ripe....

  As of yesterday I have completed most of my "required" restocked....fibre shows done.....retreats planned and almost full.....and now I can just be creative.....and yesterday became about starting a relationship with Joomchi....
Spaces...openings....screens and obscurities....layers and layers...what can be seen and what can not....the idea of "pockets" and what they may hold....

Openings cut, and pulled and formed at prefelt stage.....

And felted.....I love the random relationship of the spaces....

  It will became a part of this dress (that may became a short sleeved cardigan/coat).....probably dyed in shimmery underwater hues.The bodice is knitted and fulled cashmere and silk, the felting of which was a once very unhappy accident- but that was two or three years ago now, and the knitwear just presented itself again last week, ready for transformation! Now it's just exciting! underlayer of handdyed silk, nuno felted into ripples....

  This dress is the piece I am working on primarily this week....It still has many layers to be added to it before it will be finished...and creating every layer is pure pleasure!  Such a luxury to be able to spend the time desired fully devoted to a single project! Oh! Happy fall studio time!

  Read more about joomchi, and the work of artist Jiyoung Chung at
  Warm wishes,


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    1. Thanks Lynette! I've had a change of plan since wirint gthis...but it's a good one! I'll write about it soon!

  2. WOW Fiona ! I truely can imagine that you were inspired by that book right from the start !!!
    Must find out more about it, thanks !
    That dress will be stunning: you'll steal the show !!! (even now in white it's wonderful)
    Lovely to have you "working" again, that will mean more posts (I hope ;-) !)

    1. Thanks so much Els! Foor your comment about the dress and your encouragemnet!
      I have some (very creative) out of town guests this week...slowing my blogging progress...but lots of fun work being done to show soon! xo Fiona

  3. Fiona--I absolutely love your work in progress!! How freeing to be able to 'play' in the studio again!!
    I met Jiyoung at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore earlier this year and she is absolutely delightful. Her pieces are truly stunning...and I agree...much like felt work!! XXO-

    1. Thanks so much, Heather!
      How wonderful to have met Jiyoung...The Baltimore show really must be amazing to attend- it showcases so many of the most talented brilliant artists/craftspeople in the US (and some Canadians too!) day I'd love to go....