Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Joomchi Felting 2

  Felting with resists to create interesting surfaces....an exploration in materials...I'm enjoying tossing around in my head the language of another craft, Joomchi,  while exploring this feltwork...the making of pockets....

 Using different materials to create bubble and pockets....tyvek, high thread count quilting cottons, woven interfacing, non woven interfacings, cotton battings.....I stretched a layer of silk habotai over the wool and resists.....

  Fully felted ....the resists are all light and flexible, and the piece is very wearable....and very beautiful when held up the the light. The cotton batting resists did get caught in the nuno felting process and compressed a little, but less than then surrounding felted surfaces....all still very oceanic somehow....

 In relationship with the last surface of openings....a different kind of pocket......I love the patterning of the two together....seperate in sections and overlaid....

  These will become part of the dress (coat)......that plan has been revised a bit, and I'm going to be making a new bodice section this week....I will tell you all about it.....but for today....heading out to the studio right now to make the Joomchi scarf.....a combination of these textures combined in one piece....
Happy creative fall energies flowing.....I hope yours are too!

Warm wishes,


  1. This is extremely cool, Fiona! it seems quite mysterious and I love the textures and parts; I think I'll look up Joomchi! BTW "our July 8 eco-print experiment -my part- has gone through incarnation # 3..4th on the way... Will be interested inseeing the next steps-dress/coat/bodice of this style of work you are doing

  2. Great work, Fiona!! I especially love your 'tunnel' photograph!
    It looks like a view of heaven to me..."Walk into the light~!" Giggle.

  3. Piękny blog zdjęcia i prace.

  4. How do you get all the random holes in your work. Are you using some kind of interfacing? I love all the holes.

    1. Thank you, Raine. It is a felt lace technique I use. I cut slits in the felt and hen open up these holes. I can control how large they are and the spacing. This is a technique I discuss in the Surface Design Online workshop.
      Thank you for your comment!