Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Golden in the (Felt) Garden

 Wow. What a golden month it has been....gold in colour and experience.  This was our shimmery lake view from the cottage in Quebec where the first Fall felting retreat was hosted.

  Oh so busy, and the busier things are here, the less I write about it all....I know others manage to keep it all going- the doing and the writing about the doing, and I am so respectful.....but this moment of life for me is about engaging inner passions, not disciplines! That has come and gone and can come again later!

Eco-printing on Day 1, with flora from the farm

Fall Felting Retreats went well.....with lots of learning for both the participants and the teacher.....My main lessons- comfort takes precedence over beauty (at least in our teaching spaces), and sometimes, less can be more.  I arranged the class days with great planning, mainly in order to convey as much as I possibly could, while pacing my own energies to be able to deliver, but have learnt from these retreats to re-evaluate how much is enough- and to also, and more importantly, pace the class to the energies of my students.  A three day retreat is very different from three days of intensive workshops.  Next years retreat sessions will have a different format, to accomodate our best learning and doing rhythms...
  So....lots of learning, and much, much beautiful making with two incredible groups of creative people. Thank you all for coming! I wish I had some images of the finished works to show you- the surface design tapesties are all stunning and very unique, and the bags....again- wow- so much diversity in design choices.....they were fabulous!  I only managed to take 3 pictures from both retreat sessions- lots going on!

  I have one more Fall Felting Retreat session coming up in Nelson, BC, on November 16, 17, and 18th.   I'm very much looking forward to this time and place. A week in the beautiful Kootenays- can't wait!

  In the midst of these retreats, I've been able to do some new felting...my own projects including lots more "joomchi" pockets and layers, as well as felting with friends including storytelling carpets and gorgeous BFL cowls-yum! I have pictures to share with you as soon as I get my battery charged....that is my camera battery....I'm personally now feeling fully recharged and ready to go!

Happy November!


  1. Ahhh so sorry that you don't have more pictures .... but the best "pictures" and memories are of course in your heart !
    When you experience something as beautiful as your retreat-workshop, you forget to take pictures most of the time just because there is a lot to do and a lot of energie going round ....
    Great it was such a good time !
    (everyone else will treasure it no doubt ;-) !!!)

  2. Thanks Els! After taking none while in Quebec, I really tried to take some at the BC retreat- that's how I mangaed to getb those two! And that's as far as I got....It was a beautiful time....and next year is going to be so much better! Making plans! xoFiona