Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joomchi Felt Cowl

  This is a really special project. Made for a very dear friend for her 50th birthday.  The inner layer of felt holds 50 pockets.  One for each year....Some of the pockets hold little tokens that reflect an element of her three beads- one for each child....these inner pockets are reminiscent of healed wounds, experiences that make us the people we are....and with the layers of felt in this piece, not always in plain view.

 The overlayer reflects on all the windows through which others see our true selves. The angles and influences....what we allow them to see and when. How open we are in some areas of our lives and pasts, and how closed and private in other areas.....

This was a complex layout...felted all in one piece, seamless, and therefore with multiple resists. The layers as light as possible, without compromising their strength.....

Then the dying.....Shifting colours.....a light and a dark side. The multitude of emotions we feel...The cowl can be worn with bright, light, exuberant colour showing out, or turned to be more demure, reserved, introspective....The whole piece can actually be worn the entire surface detail on the a full skin obscuring all the goes on inside....The circular nature of the design speaks to continuity, process, life cycle, and a wish for 50 more wonderful years...another turn of the wheel.....

It was such a pleasure to develop this piece....and venture deeper into the process....I am grateful to my friend for providing me with the opportunity to make something for her, inspired by her....and for all our years of fibre talk and support.... Love, love.....
Warm wishes,


  1. An absolutely lovely idea and outcome; What a fine way to express love and fiber art and so many facets of both! xx

  2. this is so beautiful!
    a stunning idea and so full of love and tenderness for your friend...
    she's a lucky one

  3. Beautiful in every way possible! Lucky friend:)

  4. beautiful piece-love the explanation of the process and the way you created the piece

  5. Outstanding! Not only gorgeous as a piece as an art object with a deep concept backing it up, but also technically challenging and exuberantly executed.

    What a lucky friend you have :)

    1. Thank you Florcita! It is one of my favourite new surfaces in felting right now...lots to explore within it's pockets!

  6. Piękny kawałek, domyślam się procesu powstawania ale nie do końca :) Pozdrawiam

  7. Wspaniałe barwy. Takie wiosenne. Piękne.

  8. I love this cowl, both the colours and the texture

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments! I've been away from this space as I have been launching felt::feutre- Canadian Felting week...It felt so good to get some time back in the studio this week, off the computer, and then to come back here today and read all your lovely words....thanks again!

  10. Beautiful and clever gift from a wise woman. Good to have such a friend

  11. Absolutely design, color and especially spirit.

  12. Love all the symbology you put into your friends your gift. What a special friend you have
    Aren't pockets wonderful!!!

  13. Precious....from your heart through your hands a special creation for your lucky friend😊

  14. any chance of a small tutorial on this awesome item?
    p.s.or the's really spectacular how the colours blend....