Monday, February 11, 2013

Bark Cowl

On every walk, I fall behind the rest of my family, camera in hand taking pictures of grasses, barks, water, frost, colours....whatever catches my eye... The images live in my hard computer and my mind, until they are ready to come to life in a new form.

 This cowl, and surfacing pattern is derived from just such a walk...I've been holding this one up front in my imagination for a while...These barks are from a beautiful walk we took down in Burgoyne Bay early in December...what amazing surfaces....I love the random patterning....

 And the maker of these inspirational surfaces...caught! 

I hadn't looked at my bark images before making this cowl...and now on reviewing them I'm looking forward to working more with this pattern...more opening, more shadowings, more depth and dimension...and a new collection for this Fall....

This piece was made seamless with resists in white, with some black to create shadowing...then dyed after felting...Such a pleasure to be making! And then a fun photo shoot with my beautiful and talented friend Rachel in downtown Ganges! I love the way the cowl can be worn in many ways to show different expresssions of colour. Designed to be worn over a sweater or coat, with the option of pulling up over the ears as a hood when the weather requires...

I have an unexpected afternoon free, and I'm heading for the studio to work with this surface pattern some more....
Warm wishes,


  1. Beautiful! I can see the connection to the inspiration.

  2. Gorgeous colours! Greetings from Finland, I find your blog very inspiring! :)

  3. Nice to read the story behind the cowl; to see the maker of the inspirational marks and other fine photos! Look forward to the net stages of these!!

  4. Wonderful! I'm always so glad to hear/read of others who get caught up in the apparent minutiae of nature. My husband doesn't like to go on walks with me when I have my camera! I only hope I translate them into art a fraction as beautifully as you do!