Thursday, July 25, 2013

felt::feutre artwork

  As many of you will know, felt::feutre has been my big undertaking for this year....It is a fabulous and awesome project....and mammoth!  I work on the felt::feutre project at least 2-3 hours a day most days...there are so many components...and all of these components are what will come together in the last week of September to create a fantastic event....

For my part, the lists are getting more detailed, so that I can have every little thing attended to when the time comes so I can relax into teaching my classes and spending the evenings with the other feltmakers.  The exhibition is all set, today I'm meeting with someone who will be able to help organize the FELT fashion show, the community sculpture invitation is out, and I just need to get the approval of the local Arts Council to approve the site for the installation. Check.Check. Check.

And all of this work, in service, is amping up my personal creative world too....while all the organizational work is keeping me from my felting table more than I would like, I do have some amazing projects in the works that should be making their way to the felting table this very exciting! 

I have not been writing much about felt::feutre here- and I only just realized this, this week. I think it is because I write about it so much in other places- emails, the website, facebook....It sometimes feels like I am always writing about it...but not here, and you may be interested too!

I've got a big morning today- a large order to ship, an exhibition proposal to finish and send in, and then my FELTfashion show meeting at lunch....

More felt tomorrow- I have a new feltwork outside to show you!
Warm wishes,


  1. Hi Fiona, I see you are quite busy with all the organizing !!!
    Wish you a very succesful event, and I'm sooooo sorry I don't live a bit closer .... I would love to participate ;-) !

  2. Els, it would be so wonderful if you could come here for this event! I would love that! I am working on the planning for the touring aspect of the felt exhibition- maybe it will make it to Holland! My Fashion Show meeting went well, and that lightens the load so much- it is so good to have someone to work with and bounce ideas around! xo Fiona

  3. I really would love to come around -
    one day - maybe....
    lots of greetings over all oceans