Friday, July 19, 2013

From Vessel to Light

As I was working on yesterdays 30 Minute Felt Project, I kept thinking about about felt lighting and how interesting this piece might be turned into a lampshade.

I love felt in lighting. There is nothing so soft, warm and inviting as the way light travels through the wool fibres.  I have made many pieces , small and large, contemporary and whimsical, and once showed my felt lighting range at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. I have a whole new series designed...just need to time to make them...

This piece is more in keeping with the playful and experimental....I may hang it up in our living room for a little refreshing change of inside scenery.....

Lovely and light!

Warm wishes,


  1. Fiona, what a wonderful idea !!!! I had no time to check the 30 minutes trial before but I just saw that the two are connected ;-) clever !
    Thanks, and a "soft" weekend to you, my friend !

    1. Thanks Els! Oh, having such a wonderful studio summer!
      Lots of work, but it's all fun! xo Fiona

  2. Great Idea, and a wonderful lamp!
    With kind regards