Thursday, July 11, 2013

The week of unfinished objects....

I did a quick tour of the studio today to compile a list of projects started in the last two weeks that are are waiting for finishing touches....It's quite a list!  
As of July 1st, I had absolutely not one piece of feltwork left in studio. I haven't been able to switch my sign to "open" as the studio is empty. Pieces are selling more quickly than I can keep up with making them.  A good problem to have, but still a little frustrating.  I've hired two part time assistants to help move things along-one to help in the dye studio and one to help with the feltmaking. All of the finished and partially finished projects are testament to the success of this decision! Now it's just up to me to add my final embellishments and add hangtags and move my studio sign to "open" each day!

The piece above is a wall piece, exploring sculpturally shaping felt. It is just waiting on it's frame.

Another wall piece....a bit of celestial drifting developing. This piece is now almost fully felted on the table...just waiting one more felting session this evening, then framing....

10 new pairs of earrings to keep my stock up....5 pairs almost done....5 more pairs to assemble...These are made of absolutely gorgeous ultrafine merino, with a thin layer of naturally black Finn wool felted in the middle for shadowing and firmness of structure. Nice to have some tiny projects to finish!

Three felt bags....The first two are both itajame shibori dyed...awaiting steaming, shaping and stitching...the last follows my recurring theme of striations and topography, awaiting overdyeing, shaping and then stitching? Maybe....

Oh my gosh...there's still more.....

Four nuno felted scarves....dyed and dried..only in need of a quick press with the iron..that's an easy task to check off the list!

Background layer is finally complete for the DEAR piece.....soft and ethereal blue tones with little seeds/bubbles of memory/thought planted between the sutures.....

A new adjustable tunic design. I want to do some silkscreening on this piece and I have my tools all out and ready...then some last stitch details in silk thread are already dyed and rinsed and waiting for me....This is a fun project- I'm looking forward to getting this piece completed and sharing the process here.

Oh...this is a sad, neglected project.....I still love the concept, but this piece drifted from my attentions. I think I will finish it...and come back to the original idea afresh another week....

And one more......

This is another large wall piece....felted to the prefelt stage and now dyeing...supersaturated reds....It is the next exploration in the sculptural felts series.....It feels unfinished enough at the moment that I can complete the other works and then move into this one with a fresh space...I was thinking of mental space...but the studio will also be fully refreshed with all of these finished pieces on the walls....

Back to work...lots to do!  What wonderful creative whirlwind this summer is!

Warm wishes,


  1. Wow, Fiona, your latest work is lovely...and so varied! It's clear that this time of year is a very fertile one for you! XO-

    1. Thanks, Heather!
      Fertile out of necessity! I have two gallery shops to keep stocked, my studio (if I can get it opened!)a big craft show in November, an exhibiiton, fashion fhow and outdoor installation...all in the works...One step at a time! Grin! xo Fiona

  2. Szary golf i meandry są niesamowite.

  3. Well Fiona you certainly are busy enough ....!
    Love the topographic theme ! And I'm interested in
    the not yet finished number two ;-)

    Mmmmmmmmmmm the scarfs ! You're such a
    marvel with dye !!!!!

    1. Oh- Thank you Els!
      Not yet finished number two is now finished- just needs to be framed- I should have that done tomorrow and will post pics!
      That one has spawned several more ideas...well, maybe it was the Celestial Jacket that came first, actually.....The new project is also on the list for this week....hmmmmmm....not many days left in this it goes! 6 more scarves finished this week...woohoo! Not sure what colours they will become yet! xoFiona