Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Blustery Fall Review

 Now that my most busy season ever is drawing to a close, it feels like a good time to catch up and review the events of this fall. Better to have done so as things came and went but I couldn't quite get a grasp on them as they blew past.

Of course the fall started with felt::feutre, a project that really encompassed much of the year....I could say so much about this...but the main thing is that is was such a pleasure to meet so many feltmakers from across North America.  It was a wonderful week.  I taught two classes, Felt Illumination and the Joomchi Wrap Vest.  My students made the most beautiful projects while covering a multitude of techniques.  As each day progressed I found more energy, as teaching feeds my spirit, and overall, as each day passed, there was less and less organizational work and events to be prepared for! 

Then there was a week of clean up and writing.  The followup after the event....The FELTfashion show was included in the new Russian Felt magazine Felt Fashion.

You can see a full set of Fashion Images here:

I managed to fit in my Phosphorescence Installation project for Felt United and then started to get ready for two shows....

It was on to KnitCity with my fibre company, Kattikloo. It is an event amazingly well organized by Amanda and Fiona at KnitSocial.  I had dyed one of Knit City's custom colourways for the year-available here:
a custom designed pattern available here: 
plus it was the big launch of the Knit Social book, Cascadia in which my yarn was featured in one of the patterns. It felt like a weekend retreat in Vancouver, meeting with great people and getting to talk fibre...all weekend. Of course the actual setting up at these shows is the last 25%, or somesuch ratio...everything needed to be dyed and labelled and packed....

And then the next weekend it was off to Circle Craft. My last big event of the year, and my opportunity to showcase of my finished feltwork. October into early November was an every minute counts kind of time, coming off of felt::feutre and needing to produce enough work for two shows.  Again, at Circle Craft I had the most wonderful textile conversations with people.  I like my space to be crisp and clean...a visual break that highlights the work.  People appreciated the fineness of my felt and particularly the joomchi compositions, which sold out within the first two days. They looked so gorgeous on people- I wish I had images....It felt amazing to have my work appreciated...

It has been a whirlwind....tempestuous and swirling...one I thought might consume me at times, but I had a magic carpet of support from friends and family, and inner resolve that kept the currents navigable. Just...I need to be careful next year to review the weather charts and chose my path wisely in order not to compromise...health, income, creativity, family...lifestyle.

I have a big collection of images and stories I've been wanting to share here, but it felt like I needed to talk about some of the big puzzle pieces first...so here we are.....up to the moment. And now finalizing the details of next years creative agenda which is a beautiful and exciting one....

But slowly, with a cup of tea in hand and warm fire beside...and my boys moving in and out (not so peacefully!)... a delightful end to a season...

Warm wishes, 


  1. It sounds like you have been very busy, but I was wondering when you were going to send the piece back to me that I sent for felt feutre and wasn't there supposed to be a picture sent to us as well? As I didn't know when this was supposed to end, I didn't have any idea of a date. Cathy from Studio C Feltworks

    1. Hi Cathy, The pieces from the Water project are all safely in a box with their return envelops. All through the last 6 weeks we have been returning the exhibition and FELTfashion show pieces ( 6 more to go), and now will return the Water pieces for those that requested it. Your piece is beautiful and will be on it's way back to you by Friday/Monday.

    2. Thank you so much Fiona and hope to see a picture of the completed water project all put together....should be amazing!

  2. Ha, Fiona, the "be right back" took some time ..... ;-)
    But I can imagine : you were sooooo busy with lots of wonderful things !
    The felt :: feutre must have been an amazing event (read some about it
    at other blogs already) Your shows must have taken (ánd given you) a lot
    of energy ..... it must have been nice to meet many people that loved your
    art !!!!!
    Well may be we hear some more stories (when you finished your tea ......)
    Have a good week Fiona !

    1. Oh, you are so right Els! I did think I woud "be right back!"...I had lots to say and show, and had conversations in my head with you all, but just couldn't make them come about online! I'm a bit burnt out....but regenerating with cups of tea by the fire, time with my boys, and some smaller, more simple projects...I have a hankering to make a simple "pretty" thing...not sure yet what that will be..some holiday project maybe! Thanks for being here..I love knowing you are around!