Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surface Design in Feltmaking Online Workshop

  I'm so excited to be able to offer the Surface Design in Feltmaking workshop  in an online format.  It's taken many months of thinking and planning to get everything in place, with the teaching materials presented in a way that I feel best meets the needs of the students. 
  It's so important that each idea is well covered, with every question answered, every pitfall troubleshooted. I've gotten there, I hope, with a combination of instructional PDF's with lots of pictures and detailed, clear text, a video demonstration, plus private blog area to share finished projects, questions, answers and inspiration.  

  This is an intermediate level class-for those with some feltmaking experience. If you are a beginning feltmaker, I will have a free introductory mini class available in the last week of January that will prepare you for this workshop. 

  This workshop is for people interested in deepening their knowledge of fibres, learning new techniques to add to their craft or art practise, or those just wanting to have some fun exploring new ideas.  We make a 6 x 6 inch sample for each new technique to build a fantastic resource library, or inspiration board and then implement these techniques in a finished felting project in the last week.

The class is six weeks long and is delivered in one week modules for this session:

Week 1:Fibres and Surfaces
short and long fibres, combining felting and non felting fibres, shadowing,silks and cottons-quilting, folds and ripples, photos and text
Week 2: Surface Resists
wool breeds, plastics and foams,  craters, pockets, loops and bridges, gems and beads, tape,
Week 3:Nuno Felting Inclusions and Resists
Week 4: Wool and Prefelt Additions
prefelt, pencil rovings, yarns, locks, spikes, cones, blossoms
Week 5:Surface Alterations
holes, multilayered hills and ridges,carving, lace, shibori stitching and anemones
Week 6: Individual project
Each student will pick out the elements that they most want to explore further and integrate these surface design elements in a felt project like a scarf, bag, wall piece, sculpture. 

New material will be available each Sunday, with about 4-6 hours of student time required for design and feltmaking. You can decide when you work on each module. Work on one design element each day, or dedicate a day to work through the material all at once. As well as by email, I will be answering questions and giving comments throughout the course on the private blog, allowing all participating students to learn through one another's projects.

  The full materials list will be sent out with confirmation of your registration.
Materials kits with everything required for the workshop can be ordered up until January 15th, for delivery in time for the workshop starting date. 

If you have any questions about this class please just email me! 

Please note: This class is now full. 
Only use the registration link below if you have already contacted me regarding the workshop.
I will be offering this class again in April and September 2014! Thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic response!

Workshop Dates:
February 2nd- March 9th,
Online materials and resources will be available to students until August 1st, 2014

Workshop Fee: $125.00


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  2. Very excited! Just signed up. Can't wait to get started now...... xxx

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  4. really admire your work, looking forward to your workshop.

  5. just purchased the workshop. can't wait!

  6. Thank you all for registering! It's going to be fun! I'll be sending you an update at the end of the week!

  7. Incredibly excited to take this online workshop. Am looking forward to getting started.

  8. Hurray, I just signed up. Looking forward to learning from the master! :)

  9. Thank you all for registering- this is exciting! I'm looking forward to working with you!

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  11. hi my name is beckie galanopoulou from greece is it possible to participate to the workshop because I tried to pay and wasnt accepted my mail is beckigalani@yahoo. gr I would appreciate an answer from you thank you

  12. Sent you an e-mail, Fiona ;-)

  13. Sounds marvelous! When you get to the September/fall on line class I'd like to be in!! meanwhile, have fun with this first one!

  14. The material kit has reached Germany today - still really in good time for the course to start, yay! By the by, the material is downright gorgeous.

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