Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Almost Home....

   I feel as though I'm at the end of a long trip, and as wonderful as the experience has been and as much as I am loving every minute of it, I'm starting to look forward to being home, with friends and family. In this case, home is here, and I am missing you! This pace is a favourite one of mine, and I've missed being here.

  The Surface Design online class has been an amazing experience....every part of it.... and I'll be writing a short post immediately following this one with information about the next session.  These are a few pictures from what we have been working on each week.

  It has been a busy and wonderful first 6 weeks of this year. Wow.  Welcome 2014.

  I leave on Thursday for two weeks of visiting with fibre friends in the US, and when I get back...it will be like walking the door after that long time away. You know, that feeling of all that is familiar is also new....I can't wait to be back here on a regular basis, sharing with you new works in progress and finished pieces from the studio.  Back to a regular pace of life for the first time in a year....

 When I get back I start creating pieces for my exhibition coming up this summer on Salt Spring. It's going to be so exciting to explore new felt forms and dyeing ideas.

 Thank you for being here with me! I truly enjoy your company, your comments and your emails!
Warm wishes, 

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