Monday, January 19, 2015

Starting in balance....

The Valhallas- the view from our cabin....

In my book of everything (my special black book that some of you will know!) this year is looking just fantastic, and got off to a wonderful beginning with some quiet personal time in a most beautiful place. The Valhalla Ranges in British Columbia. (I honestly did not appreciate the name of the place in looking for a perfect retreat until writing this!).  
Our cabin in the woods...I'm in the middle- almost a head shorter than my youngest two boys!

 My family was in need of some snow time, so we headed up into the mountains where we had rented a log cabin in the woods looking out over gorgeous lake towards snow topped mountains. Idyllic. Quiet. Peaceful. were the natural hot springs we visited in the area...within our creative practises we need some soul nourishment....inspiration that has nothing to do directly with art, craft and design.

I've been working non-stop since returning on my sculptural pieces for my upcoming solo exhibition in Vancouver next month.  More pictures and blog posts of this will come in the next few weeks! It's coming least I tell myself that and believe it (a little) having worked on a few exhibitions feels very tenuous at the moment, but I recognize this as part of the process and normal for this stage.

And I gave an artist talk and workshop to the Victoria Weavers and Spinners Guild this past weekend. They are a vibrant, rich group. It was truly an honour to be invited. They have such full life experiences and a wealth of knowledge and skill in the fibre arts that is deeply humbling and inspiring to be around.

The workshop was in a beautiful space. Lots of light, and a great group of women willing to laugh, explore, get excited about new techniques! It is so energising and enlightening to teach these workshops. I love it.

Hi Leola! She is a dear friend, and I'm looking forward to visiting her in her studio this spring....

A great start to the new year with a trinity in balance that I hope will continue as a theme through 2015. Some time in the natural world, relaxing, dreaming, thinking, breathing (heart); some personal art development time (hands), and some teaching and demonstrating (head).  Each one feeds me in different but equally important ways.  If I can keep the the ratios right, I hope to move through this year in a much more healthy way than the last two.  It feels like a promising start!

Warm wishes, 


  1. Wishing you a spectacular year of travel, creation and personal discovery! With love...Hxx

    1. Thank you Heather! I wish the same for you, and hope we might fit in a little of this together again this year!

  2. Dear Fiona, I really hope your year turns out to complete just as good as it has just started
    A great exhibition coming up (so sorry I can't visit), classes with fun people and enough
    leisure time to stay healthy ! ;-)
    Lots of love from Holland

    1. Thank you, dear Els! I do love hearing from you, and checking in on your blog...I'm still so stretched for time..but just for a few more weeks and then I'll be sure to comment and connect more! A resolution for this year! Leisure time is the order of day! Starting in April...I'm planning a on a long, slow, oudoors all the time, quietly creative kind of summer! Love and big hugs! Fiona