Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wool Roving Pompom Snowman and Trees

There so many ways to use wool roving pompoms and here are two- 
Snowmen and Evergreen Trees.

24 inches (60 cm) white wool roving, or about 0.4 ounce (10 grams)
24 inches (30cm) white wool yarn
small amount of orange felt
two small twigs for arms
sharp scissors
yarn needle
tacky glue

small amount of dark colored wool roving for eyes
felting needle OR
two small black glass beads

Time for the project:
pompoms: 10minutes each
assembling: 20 minutes

Age suggestion:
3+ with assistance
7+ on own

Following the instructions for making wool roving pompom's here:

Making Wool Roving Pompoms
Make 2, trimming one a little smaller to be the head of the snowman. Be sure and leave the long yarn ends on the head pompom. Yarn ends can be cut off the body pompom.
Use the yarn ends to attach the head to the body. Sew one yarn end at a time, sew through the body, then back up to come out at the neck.

 Wrap yarn ends around neck in opposite directions and tie tightly.
Cut yarn ends off close to knot.

With just a small amount of wool roving, needelfelt in gently at the right eye placement.
To get the most neat finish, needlefelt only a little to hold to place, right in the middle of the fibers. Trim the protruding ends close to the wool surface.
Instead of needlefelting you could glue on small black beads for eyes.
 Cut a small triangle in orange felt. Open up the fibers in the pom pom and glue in place.Dab a small amount of glue on each twig arm and push well into the pompom.
A tacky or quick set glue works really well for this.

If this snowman is to be a tree ornament, sew on a thread as a hanger, passing through the whole head to make secure.
We think these also look like little owls- we may have to try some with small wings, instead of twig arms!
The Evergreen Trees are made in the same way as the wool roving pompoms.
When trimming, cut one end on more of an angle to form the tree top. These are fantastic used on a playmat, or in a nature corner.

To make the Christmas tree- cut carefully around the yarn ends used for tying the pompom. these can become the hanger. Follow the instructions for the snowman's eyes to add some decorations or lights to your little evergreen tree!

You can also wool roving pom poms to make little mice- maybe you can imagine how fluffy and  cute they would be! Made in the same way as the Evergreen Tree, but leaving one yarn end at the round end as a tail.  So sweet!

Warm wishes,

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